morning stoner

And you are no longer a river to me

Posted in Uncategorized by Lyle on 08-05-2009

*Because I’m a private person, I need an empty house, a mostly-quiet house, in order to commit myself to writing anymore than a grocery list. I’ve been without that privacy for some time, and I am still without, but I’ve found myself alone for long enough to explain to the fifteen or so people who view this in a day, why I’ve not updated in sometime.

When I began writing this blog, I wasn’t sure about what it would be. Despite proclaiming myself a morning stoner, I didn’t want to make getting high the basis. Despite living for music, I didn’t want music to be my sole focus. I thought I would simply write, and see what came of that. Without pretension, without big ideas about what it could be.

Now I think I should write less. I’d like to update more, but write less. There is something about seeing my words in print that makes me, that has always made me, a little uneasy.

Give me a chance to reclaim the momentum I lost. By the middle of September, I’d like to have this entry swept from the first page. I am also working on a pet project, the tools and skills for which I don’t currently have, but am slowly acquiring. It will be a twice-weekly podcast, called The Morning Stoner Morning Radio Hour, and it will be my sole contribution to this blog as more than the editor-in-chief. Whether you prepare to face the day with a pipe or a coffee cup, whether you stay at home or commute, I hope you will let me provide the soundtrack to your mornings.


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