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I’m listenin’ on a space age AM radio

Posted in Uncategorized by Lyle on 05-11-2009

From the squid-like blimp busses to the futuristic living treehouses and mushroom communes, the Terreform 1 team wants to radically redesign our cities and the way we live. They want to rebuild New York City from its landfills! And build a house made of lab-grown meat, which is an interesting concept, though the idea is difficult to stomach.

I’ve often wondered how society as a whole could return to nature after doing so much damage to it, how we could get rid of the incomprehensible amounts of waste that are rotting in landfills and floating in the ocean. I hope Joachim and Terreform are successful, that they’re not torn up in the machine, and that their inspired, futuristic designs are kept intact.


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