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For I am an engine, and I’m rolling on

Posted in Uncategorized by Lyle on 04-28-2009

treehouseAll week it’s been difficult to stay indoors. When I’m not working, I’m constantly slipping out the screen door to the porch, to play my banjo, to read or day dream or let the dog roll around in the grass. I live in an apartment, and I have little space for myself outside, but I look forward to filling it with potted plants, closing it with a branch fence.

A few summers ago I read Living the Good Life by Scott Nearing, and the summer after that, his second book, The Making of a Radical. Since then I’ve felt trapped by city living and longed for a dirt road that leads me home, a garden named Victory that grows my diet and my medicine, a house built in the trees. treehouse4

I went for a bike ride earlier, through Buechel Park and various side streets, avoiding all roads home. I felt free looking down a tunnel a railroad made through the woods, and again crossing a bridge over a quick creek.

So although I don’t yet have the great outdoors, or the piece of mind that comes with it, I take from it and I keep it with mine. There is a mountain inside of me that will grow even after I cease to, that will outgrow me, until I can tend it’s valley’s soil and be sustained.

Pamphlet (.pdf): Edible Forest Gardening by David Sansone.


“It is very hard to really untangle the real reasons why you do anything. I was always interested in music. It seemed to me I always played guitar. I always associated song and singing with some sort of nobility of spirit. The first songs I learnt were of the Workers Movement and I always thought that this was the best way to say the most important things, even though these things, I don’t mean the most ponderous or pompous things, I mean the important things like how you feel about things, how you feel about someone else. I always thought this was the way to do it.” – Leonard Cohen, Pacifica Radio, 1974 : Transcription here

now playing Neutral Milk Hotel – Engine


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